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Let's together we can make a positive for the children.

Be solidarity about child development

We are pleased to see you are interested in child development. We are cordially invited to join this event and contribute to child development. 

Child rights and security

Child rights ensure safety, education, health, and nurturing growth, forming the bedrock of secure, empowered futures.

Child socialization

Child socialization fosters emotional, cognitive, and behavioral development through interactions with family, peers, and society.

Coordination and collaboration mechanism

Child coordination and collaboration mechanisms facilitate effective communication, decision-making, and problem-solving among stakeholders for optimal child well-being.

Child friendly environment

Child-friendly environments prioritize safety, accessibility, and inclusivity, creating a nurturing space for growth and development.


Child development programs encompass a broad and holistic approach to enhancing the well-being and developmental progress of children through various stages of their early lives. These programs integrate principles of early childhood education, emphasizing the importance of nurturing environments that facilitate the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of children. They often include structured activities, educational curricula, and guidance tailored to the needs of children at different developmental milestones.

Moreover, these programs often include professional development opportunities for educators and researchers, highlighting the importance of skilled professionals in supporting early learning and development. Courses and certifications, such as those listed for child care providers, help individuals enhance their competencies and careers in child rights and security.


Our activities

SDDF is promise to bring sustainable, ethical and humanitarian development for child development perspectives. On the contemporary of the planet, it is our responsibility for us to make coordination and collaboration for child development.


Volunteer training

Volunteer training equips individuals with necessary skills and knowledge to support child welfare organizations and advocate for child rights.


Event for child development

Organized events promote child development through interactive activities, workshops, and resources, fostering healthy growth and well-being.


Awareness based activities

Awareness-based activities educate society on child rights and welfare, encouraging empathy and action towards improved child well-being.

Plan specification

Child development is a complex and multifaceted process that encompasses physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth in children. Implementing effective strategies to support child development involves a holistic approach that considers various factors.

Solidarity for child rights

A Comprehensive Journey of Child Development

Welcome to our Child Development Event – a day dedicated to nurturing, learning, and growth for our children and awareness-building activities!

Please read carefully

Eligibility of the honourable guest speaker

We will be honoured if you contribute to child development in the contemporary situation as a guest speaker. 


Requirement of the guest speaker: 

  1. Expertise: The speaker should have expertise in child development, education, psychology, or a related field. Look for individuals with advanced degrees, relevant certifications, or extensive experience in the field.

  3. Experience: Consider speakers who have experience working with children, parents, educators, or professionals in the field of child development. Previous speaking engagements, publications, or contributions to the field can also demonstrate experience.

  5. Relevance: The speaker should be able to address topics that are relevant and beneficial to the audience. This might include areas such as early childhood development, cognitive or social-emotional development, learning theories, parenting strategies, or educational practices.

  7. Engaging Presentation Skills: Look for speakers who are known for delivering engaging, informative, and interactive presentations. The ability to connect with the audience, understandably convey complex information, and keep the audience's attention is crucial.


  9. Alignment with Event Goals: Ensure that the speaker's expertise and presentation style align with the goals and themes of the child development event.


Our effort

Child development

Our ongoing effort in child development focuses on nurturing positive relationships, creating supportive environments, and providing stimulating learning opportunities to support holistic growth and well-being.

Child development strategies in the contemporary situation

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Essential Strategies and Practices for child development to enhance capacity building

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Child development


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