Our motto

Be humanitarian for the disadvantaged 

What we do

We promise to bring sustainable, ethical and humanitarian changes for people, the planet and future generations.

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A message for change

We believe that every person contains angelic qualities to beautify the planet and future generations.

Commitment for welfare

We emphasize all surroundings of social, economic and environmental issues which make people poor, depressed and malice to development purposes.


Motto for development

We are highly interested in neglecting social content, human rights and people-centered development.

About us

A journey for positive changes

Sustainable Disadvantaged Development Foundation – SDDF is a non-profit and volunteer research and development organization that works for disadvantaged men, women, children, youth, disabled, and elder as well as indigenous and Dalit people. SDDF always promises to ensure peace, prosperity, productivity and fraternity for the people, planet and future generations which are ethical, humanitarian and sustainable from a social, economic and environmental perspective. We started our beautiful journey in December 2018. SDDF has been registered under the Joint Stock Companies and Firms under the Societies registration act- 1860.

This is high time

We focus

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Climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to all achievement of the sustainable development goals and social,  economic and all aspects of life's surroundings. We are concerned about the circumstances and are taking the initiative against this worst threat. 
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Research and development

Research is the inevitable process of making sustainable, ethical and humanitarian development of the communities for a long-lasting. SDDF has a good research ability to bring positive change among the people, planet and future generations.   
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Rights for education

Education is a basic human right that can remove the darkness and achieve long-lasting development for the people, the planet and future generations. from the perspective of the circumstances, SDDF has organized training and volunteer education for the disadvantaged community.
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Youth development

Youth development is an indispensable part of development with immeasurable potential to change the planet. However, a number of indicators are liable hindrances of the development. SDDF is concerned about it and is taking the initiative to change youth development.
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Human rights

A notable number of people are deprived of human rights which creates obstacles to getting them proper facilities to adapt to the mainstream of societies and face inequality, injustice and downtrodden. SDDF has worked for the neglect and humanitarian issues to preserve the rights of the unprivileged people. 
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Peace and development

Peace is the prerequisite for maintaining human rights but new types of problems make problems unstable in peace and development such as poverty, unemployment, inequality and so more. SDDF has taken integrated and effective strategies to resilient society.
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Child and woman development

Without preserving the rights of children and women sustainable development is not possible on the planet. They suffer from multi-dimensional problems of the contemporary world such as poverty, food and nutrition, proper sanitation system, inequality and injustice. only solidarity and coordination can positively change the children and women. From these perspectives, comprehensive strategies are needed to bring change to the development.
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Poverty alleviation

Findings and studies in cancer Science Blog. Sharing new developmenPoverty emergence from poor socioeconomic conditions also creates other problems that badly affect all the development circumstances nationally and internationally. To triumph over this problem, integrated planning policy and legislation are important to positive changes in societies. ts.

Who We Are

Be a Volunteer Our Community

Volunteerism is an important part of raising the hand of the development perspectives. SDDF always emphasizes volunteer work at the community level and pledged to promote peace and development for people, the planet and future generations. you are cordially invited to you - to work for the disadvantaged with SDDF. 

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Our events

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